QR code printing procedure (brother, WindowsPC / iPhone)

How to print on iPhonehere

How to use the QR code on sitehere

Preparation: Download and install P-touch Editor (WIndowsPC) *

Please install from the brother download site in advance.


(1) Open the management page export screen

(2) Check the product number to print (multiple checks are possible) and click “CSV for QR printer”

Important: Check only the part number for the QR printer.

* Narrow down by keyword or inventory location and check “Check All” in that state (Ex: Filter by Sales Office (Osaka))

Please save it somewhere easy to understand.

(4) Start the P-touch Editor (P-touch Editor 5.2) and select "New / Open"

(5) Click “New Layout” and click “→”

(6) Select the file saved earlier and click “Next”

(7) Drag the URL header to the design area and click “Barcode”

(8) Select “QR Code” on the Standard tab and click “OK”

(9) Drag the item you want to print → "Text"

(10) Printing (* Please print only 1 sheets first)

* It may be good to decide the file name to save and overwrite it with that name.

When printing QR code on iPhone

You can print using BlueTooth. However, making an iPhone alone is very complicated, so we recommend that you use the Windows version and send the saved data by e-mail.

Required apps on iPhone (required)


-MobileTransfer Express

-Brother iPrint & Label

Save the file to be printed with P-touch Editor for Windows and send the file as an attachment to the email on iPhone.

Note: First enter the junk folder.Since there may be a virus file from a third party, the sender and the recipient must make mutual checks in advance.
Note: The extension is lbx.

(1) Tap an email attachment → "Other"

(2) Tap Copy to iPrint & Label (Tap + to bring it to the table.)

(3) Printing

How to read QR code on site


(2) Scan QR code

(3) Data can be read through the camera.

・ From there, you can jump to the part number detail page / edit page (for internal use).

(4) You can shoot with “Date”, “Management number”, “Handwriting”, etc.